Bicycles rentals

Price: 30 lei / day

1. The equipment can be rented for at least 1 day.
2. The rental time slot applies for daylight hours.
3. The rented equipment will be returned in the evening before 20.00. 
4. Payment for the rented equipment is made CASH, at the beginning of the rental period, for the entire contracted period.
5. The rented equipment is intended for leisure, not for performance or endurance competitions.
6. During the rental period the tenant is not allowed to intervene on the technical condition or adjustments of the rented equipment.
7. The equipment will be rented on the basis of a rental contract, for which a valid identity document is required. Throughout the rental period, the identity card (a copy of it) will remain at the rental center.
8. Reservations can be made by phone at the +4 0728 001 048.
9. The rented equipment will be used exclusively by the customer, it cannot be subleased or pledged.
10. The rented equipment remains the property of Stuffino Crișan for the entire rental period.